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SakuLee where Sakura is the pervy aggressor?

Hello, I know that SakuLee is a small ship, alas, but does anyone out there know if there is any SakuLee D/s out there were Sakura is the pervy aggressor? I mean, come on, Lee is adorable and sweet, and Sakura had the same reaction as Naruto to Konohamaru's double sexy no jutsu lol.

What I really want is something at least rated M, but some PG humour gen would be awesome too if it's SakuLee.

ETA: Well, the mood of this is kinda close, but no actual lemon and Sakura is only a LITTLE bit aggressive, and they didn't even make it to third base;

Love and Devotion by KuroOkami

ETA2: Kink meme yields one fluffy h/c SakuLee, first time and on a hospital bed:
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Hello everyone!

I'm new here and a big fan of the SakuraxLee pairing. I'm not a good writer or artist so I won't have much to offer but I'm more than happy to talk about the pairing and the show in general! :)

I bring a gift. It's not specifically SakuraxLee but they are both in there and I find it funny. I hope you do too!:

I look forward to being part of this community.
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Adding some life!

So there hasn't been much activity around these parts...but I hope that will change soon! :3

Title: Daisuki
Rated: M
I love him, more than anyone else in my life. But is it possible to like someone else despite that? Rated M for later chapters. LEESAKU. Lots of fluff. Later Lemons.
Author: ME :O
Linkage: Daisuki

/runs off to find more SakuLee goodies/
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NEW MEMBER!/Fanart pimpage ^_^!

New member and i pimped some  Leesaku fanart that my fellow shippers might like ^_^ <--------this one is really Cute ^_^! <---------Another Cute one ^_^! <-----sooooo Kawaii it would make you SQUEEEEEE ^_^! <-------look there Cosplaying !!! :D <------------this one amuses me ^_^!
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